Athina has always been a true aesthete at heart! Her passion for jewelry stems from her childhood where she loved playing with her mother’s & grandmothers’ heirloom pieces. This obsession with all things precious led her to pursue a creative background in Art History as well as studies in Gemmology. After welcoming her two children, she spent a few years curating a gemstone collection for a brand she launched with her best friend, further enhancing her love affair with nature’s precious bounty and reinforcing something Athina ultimately believes in her core: that there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to stones!

After a few fundamental classes at the bench combined with her passion for all things beautiful, Athina knew she wanted to start her own brand. Colours are very meaningful to her personal aesthetic & style and heavily influence her designs. Athina’s creations focus on marrying gemstones of all hues, shapes, sizes, and textures. The sequencing & patterns are always inspired by something that catches her eye in the natural world, in an art piece, or in her travels.

Athina has always lived by the motto that wearing jewelry is integral to feeling your best! Her wish is that her colourful creations empower you and remind you to feel into the good vibrations that each gemstone radiates. All her jewelry is made intentionally, with lots of love and soul, and in small batches from her little studio nook in Montreal.